Friday, March 30, 2012

Good Times With The Moo

As I said in Monday’s blog, the entire week I was in Fresno was a good one, full of many positives and many things to be thankful for. As for the title of this blog, one of Lia’s many nicknames is ‘Missy Moo’ or sometimes just ‘the Moo’.

Aside from the joy of just being there and playing with Lia, my main side agenda was to find shoes for the wedding. I have humongeous ‘special’ feet that require a certain type of shoe and Walmart and Payless just wasn’t cuttin’ it…SO…I deemed it appropriate to go to a REAL shoe store and get some decent shoes. There was a SAS shoe store in Fresno and I had gone online and knew the style I was going for. They had just what I wanted. They even had a sale going on, so I got the black dress shoes I wanted PLUS a nice white dressy sandal for the summer. It still put me back over $200, but I expect to wear these shoes for a long time to come. AND THEY’RE COMFORTABLE!! In the future, I’ll need to get another pair of black shoes for winter wear, but now that I know of the existence of that store, I can save up for the next shopping trip.

The other big agenda I had was trying to find some neighbor kids for Lia to play with. The last time I was down there, we had gone on a walk and I noticed some kids playing in one of the yards down the street. They weren’t there this trip, but down another street, I noticed some kids and an older adult playing hide and seek. Lia and I walked down there and it turned out that the grandma watched the 2 kids in the mornings. We introduced ourselves and chatted a bit and then I had to get Lia home for lunch. That evening, Sarah went over with us to meet the mom. The next day we went there a bit earlier and Lia had the time of her life with these kids. The girl is almost 3 and the boy is almost 5, so Lia fits right in the middle at 4. Unfortunately, that was the last play time while I was there. The next time we went over, they had something else going on, and after that Lia developed an ear infection and wasn’t able to go out for the next couple of days. So hopefully, Sarah will be able to keep the connection going.

Since next week is Holy Week, and then after Easter Marv and I are going to Virginia for Paul and Anne’s wedding, this will be the last blog until April 20th. I’m sure I will have lots to write about when I get back!

So until then, God’s blessings to all. Happy Easter. Christ is alive!!

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