Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mayday! Mayday! Part 5

May 29 – End of the Middle Ages Day. Life was pretty rough back then. Catch a cold and you die. Cut your finger and you die. Give birth and you die. And that’s if you were rich! If you were poor, you might just as well lay down and die right away. I’m sure the folks that were left at the end of the Middle Ages were happy to party about it…

May 30 – My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It Day. Good little metaphor about life, eh? Whaddya gonna do…fix the hole and carry on. Another one springs up. Fix that one too. Just don’t kick it!

May 31 – National Macaroon Day. Not to be confused with National Macaron Day. That’s an entirely different dessert. Macarons are prettier, with all the pastel colors, but macaroons are hearty little buggers. Love coconut. Not that I would turn down a macaron if one were to be offered…

Hope you enjoyed all the little remembrances for May. I had fun doing this. Now we’ll be heading into June. Getting hotter. Crank up the A/C, get a glass of iced tea or iced coffee and relax with a book. I love summer!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mayday! Mayday! Part 4

May 22 – Buy A Musical Instrument Day. Marv plays the trumpet and recorder. I play the piano. My brother plays piano, guitar and sings. Music was always important while I was growing up. It seems to have gone by the wayside now in schools. I find that very sad.

May 23 – Penny Day. If you have enough of them, you can buy just about anything. It takes a LOT of them, though.

May 24 – Escargot Day. Never in a million years. Nope. Not gonna. Can’t make me. I’d rather kiss a Wookiee.

May 25 – Tap Dance Day. Amazing talent. Remember sticking thumb tacks on the bottoms of your shoes so you’d tap when you walked? Good ol’ days…

May 26 – Grey Day. Another one I couldn’t find anything on. And I refuse to talk about the obvious. So here is a nice pic of a grey day. I think there is beauty to be found in such a day. Calm. Still. Just wrap up snuggly.

May 27 – Body Painting Arts Festival. The first thing that came to mind was the gal in Goldfinger and the green alien girl in Star Trek. This pic shows a bit more elaborate design.

May 28 – National Hamburger Day. This is a pic of a Western Bacon Cheeseburger at Righteous Burger here in Oroville. Best in the world!!! Yes, it’s pricey, but OMG is it worth it!! This is where we go when we want something really special for dinner!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mayday! Mayday! Part 3

May 15 – Chocolate Chip Day. The perfect thing to add to almost any recipe where a sweet would be good. Cookies, pancakes, cakes, ice cream. And they even come in different flavors around holiday time.

May 16 – Wear Purple For Peace Day. Don’t know why “purple” and not some other color. I’ve always found the color blue to be very peaceful. Orange antagonizes me. Don’t wear orange!

May 17 – Pack Rat Day. I think most of us can identify with the statement, “I have too much stuff.” Where does it all come from? How did it pile up so fast? I do NOT watch any kind of hoarder show because it depresses the heck out of me, but I know I could easily get rid of a LOT and not miss it. But not books! I’m keeping my books!

May 18 – Visit Your Relatives Day. Marv and I come from small families. What few there were, were scattered. Too far away to visit easily. I wish my kids and my brother lived closer. I would love to be able to really visit more. Skype is just NOT the same!

May 19 – Frog Jumping Jubilee Day. I love frogs. I think they’re cute. I doubt that Pharaoh and the other Egyptians felt that way when it was raining down frogs, but otherwise I think they’re cute. Same with toads. Cute. Don’t judge me!

May 20 – Eliza Doolittle Day. My Fair Lady was an awesome movie! A real classic. I can watch that numerous times. Loved the music. I was crushed when I learned that Audrey Hepburn did NOT do the singing. But I forgive her. She was a great Eliza.

May 21 – National Memo Day. This needs a day of its own? Why? Take a memo and get back to me. Send it out in triplicate.