Thursday, January 28, 2016

Turning 40 in 2016

I came across a list of things and people turning 40 this year. My favorites were as follows:

 KIMMY GIBBLER AND STEVE URKEL (the actors playing them)
We watched Full House and Family Matters every week. I have always enjoyed the odd characters in TV shows and these two were among my favorites. I especially loved the episodes of Urkel in drag.

This was back when I was super shy and I would never have gone to a screening of this movie. In fact, I never saw the movie until it came out on VHS. After that, I was a firm fan of this delightful romp of a movie.

I loved this show, mainly because of Richard Dawson. I had a huge crush on him when he was in Hogan’s Heroes. I would watch this show as often as I could. After the kids were born, Sarah learned how to clap her hands by watching this show. I’d turn on the TV and as soon as the music started for the show, Sarah would start clapping madly.

This book was SO popular when it came out and as soon as it was available at the library I checked it out and read it. I found it fascinating. I also watched the series that was made from it, but I preferred the book.

Both Marv and I were fans of Stevie Wonder and we got this album. Played it over and over and over. Great album!! Marv was especially in awe of the trumpets.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 2016 Book Report

Fever (2000) by Laurie Halse Anderson

Awesome YA historical novel about the yellow fever epidemic of 1793 in Philadelphia. Very well written. I had never heard of this event, and was fascinated with the history behind it all. After I read the book, I looked up more info. Matilda is 14 and helps her mother run a coffeehouse. Yellow fever breaks out and people leave in droves to get to the country for better air. No one at this time knew that mosquitoes were the carriers of the fever. As people die all around Mattie, her mother falls ill and the grandfather tries to take Mattie to a friend's farm. No town wants anyone from Philadelphia and they are turned away.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
How to Moon a Cat (2011) by Rebecca M. Hale

The latest in the awesome series that includes early California history. This time the cats have their own fancy stroller! As Monty joins the bike race, Rebecca looks for clues about the Bear Flag revolt.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
The Valentine Visitor (2014) by Emily Thomas

Blue Hill Library series. Anne finds a postcard that implies Aunt Edie had a secret admirer. Ben get hounded by girls at school and Anne is being pressured to start dating Alex.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Finn Family Moomintroll (1948) by Tove Jansson

Thanks to my Brit pal Carol, I have entered the wonderful world of Moomins! Why they were never published in the US is beyond me. This was a delightful book and I look forward to reading more when I can find them.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Without a Trace (2014) by Emily Thomas

Another Blue Hill Library offering, this time it’s a REAL mystery. The author that leads the local writers group disappears. As Anne searches for answers, the man’s daughters are kidnapped. This one had me guessing until the end. Super job on this one!
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Death by Coffee (2015) by Alex Erickson

New series!!!! You can’t get much better combining cats, coffee and books! Best friends Krissy and Vicki open a coffee shop/book store. The first day they open for business, a local man gets coffee, takes it to his office across the street, and DIES!!! Great characters in this book. I really look forward to more from this author.
PS—For those of you who like numbers, the tally of books I read in 2015 was 47.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Gratitude/Blessings 2015

Since January 1 of last year, I have kept a jar on the kitchen counter and little pieces of paper nearby so I could jot down a quick note of something I was grateful for or blessed by on any particular day. I’ve tried keeping a journal before, and just don’t have to discipline to sit down at the end of a day when all I can think about is going to bed, and writing about my day. The days of “Dear Diary” are long gone. But I CAN take a few seconds to jot down something on a piece of paper and pop it in a jar. It’s amazing how many positive things that take place over the past year that you tend to forget about. It’s easy to do in a negative world. Going over these pieces of paper brings them back. Even when tears are involved. I’ve shown some of the highlights of my past year. I started to put them in month order, but since there were so many duplications, I decided to just list the various “experiences”. The one exception I will mention chronologically is about Emma, our granddaughter that was with us for such a short time.

January…learned Sarah and Kevin were having a girl and her name would be Emma Skye
February…went down for Lia’s birthday, and got to see Sarah’s “Emma” bump
March…finished crocheting the baby blanket for Emma
May…baby shower at a friend’s house in Fresno
June 23, 2015…Emma was born
July 15, 2015…Emma was taken home by the Lord. And YES, this was a blessing.
July 24…Emma’s memorial. Paul flew out and Marv’s brother and sis-in-law came up

Dinner/lunch/game night with a friend or friends
New kitty figurine from the antique store
Watched the old Audrey Hepburn movie “Charade” on TMC. I LOVE that movie!
Marv found a GREAT pen in a parking lot! I LOVE parking lot pens!
Made various favorite meals/desserts
The times one or the other of my kids called me UNSOLICITED!! That means a lot! THEY had to take the time to CALL ME!!
Read awesome books
Had prayers answered
Learned a new crafting technique involving an embosser and soda cans
Spending time with Lia, either in Fresno or here in Oroville. Doing LOTS of crafts!
Falling down and NOT breaking anything! I don’t fall often, but when I do…yikes
Marv planted petunias in the front planter and they looked GREAT!
Talking to my brother. REALLY wish he and his family lived closer!
Spending time doing stuff on the computer while listening to youtube music
Had my cat Sheba put to sleep. May sound like a weird thing to include in this subject, but Sheba was a real blessing. And it was a blessing to help her attain rest.
Our first REAL vacation in years in Trinidad
Taught Lia how to blow bubbles with bubblegum

Kind of a long post, but hey, it encompassed a whole YEAR….wonder what the pieces of paper in the jar will say about 2016???