Friday, September 22, 2017

Magnetic Poetry

I’ve always loved to play with words, and magnetic poetry was so much fun. I never really had a set, but there are various sites online where you can mess around with the words and have fun. One time I found a site that sold magnetic poetry kits in various genres. There was a list of words for each kit and I wrote several poems from each version. I had the idea of printing them up and cutting out the words separately and gluing them in an altered book. I may still do that. But for now I will share some of these poems. I didn’t mark them as to which version I used. There was original, Shakespeare, zen and some others. You might be able to guess which ones they are. There were no hyphens in the kits, so where I’ve put two words together, I’ve used the slant mark.

bold little feline
always full of cunning grace
drink sweet milk from
                  special bowl
looks at me &
I can almost hear her talk

I fly to dream/like
diamond paradise
bathe in dark red blood
drunk with moon/music
   goddess angel gaze down
she smile and whisper
   dance near evening flame
                    and burn

imagine surreal harmony
through blue aesthetic smoke
            which feels empty
wild canvas creates
     an electric angel silhouette
           from angry paint

I dream of Manhattan
& hurry downtown
   in cold glass taxi
the stars overwhelmed
   by neon sky of expensive smoke
my ugly garment
   a token of modern style

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Depending on what (if any) kind of reaction this gets, I might share some more of these next week. Toodles!

Thursday, September 14, 2017


The random subject generator spit this one out: Write about yourself at age seven. I decided to write about the school year I turned seven. Some of it I’ve written about before, so it will be a bit of a skim job.

I started the first grade at Bethany Lutheran. I loved starting the day with singing a hymn, doing the pledge and then reciting our memory work assigned the day before. Every once in a while I will try to find my little book with the hymn verses and scriptures that we’d get our assignments from. Still can’t find it.

I absolutely loved being in a Christian school. I wasn’t a very good student though, and was a bit ambivalent about the teacher. I loved story time though. And sometimes she would play Shari Lewis records. I turned seven on Dec. 11, 1960. We moved from SoCal to Chico during Christmas vacation.

When we moved, there was no Lutheran school, so public school it was. I adored my teacher, Mrs. Norma Vanderley, who I’ve written about before. She’s the one who recommended to my parents that I get glasses. After that, I did better in school. I became a very good reader and my parents made sure I had plenty of books to read at home.

One of my favorite books in the whole world was Little Brown Bear. It was written by Elizabeth Upham and illustrated by Marjorie Hartwell. Published in 1942. I would guess it had been one of my cousin’s books, since he was quite a bit older than me. It had been well read when it came into my possession, but I took very good care of this book. I loved the stories and illustrations. I would read this book long after I’d outgrown that level. A couple of years ago I proudly brought it out to read to Lia and she had ZERO interest in it. Didn’t even let me get past the first sentence of the first story.

On the last day of school, Mrs. Vanderley gave chocolate ice cream bars to all the kids. At that time, my parents thought I was allergic to chocolate, so I had to refuse the ice cream. Mrs. Vanderley felt so sorry for me that she went to the teacher’s lounge and found me a bottle of orange soda pop. Which I proceeded to spill on my white blouse…*sigh*

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A Week of Joy - Summer 2017

We were given the awesome gift of having Lia with us for a WHOLE WEEK this summer and I tried to pack as much fun and memories into it as I possibly could. Click on the pics to see them better.

Best investment EVER! A 300 gallon Rubbermaid horse trough! It will last forever and can be leaned against the shed until next summer. This was played in a LOT while Lia was here.

Lia and Deaconess Irene have a very special relationship. When Lia comes to our church, the first thing she does is run up to Irene for a big hug.

Even though Lia thinks she’s a little old to be playing with Playdoh, we had a lot of fun with this last container I still had here.

These are just a few of the marble paintings we did. We had the living room floor covered with them while they were drying.

Lia seemed to really enjoy playing with my hair.

We went to the nature center where they bring out some of the animals so you can touch them.

This is Lia and my friend’s 2 grandsons. They have a REAL pool and Lia loves being able to visit them.

I had always wanted to do this rock “cactus” arrangement with Lia. Finally did it!

Every visit comes to an end, sadly. But it was JOYOUS to have her with us! ♥