Thursday, February 22, 2018

Inane Questions part 2

I think vegan food is:
Fine. Except in my case, I’d like a slab of meat along with it. I enjoy being an omnivore. Veg, meat, dairy, grains. The whole pyramid. Especially donuts. That’s the star at the top of the pyramid.

If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only eat one food, it would be:
A huge omelet. Stuffed with cheese, mushrooms, bacon, ham and hashbrowns. Yes, I know hashbrowns are supposed to be a side dish, but if I’m limited to one thing, it’s gonna be a biggie! That way, I have most of the food groups right there. Except donuts. I would REALLY miss donuts. And I’m NOT gonna put a donut in my omelet…

If I could only take one item with me to a deserted island, aside from food and water, I'd take:
Marvin. What?? It’s MY blog! No? Then how about the Professor from Gilligan’s Island? No again? Dang…and I know I can’t say “a Walmart store” either. Although that would make things a bit easier. Well, if I don’t have to worry about food or water, then I guess I’d say a box of books. A box is one thing, right?

Before I go to sleep I like to:
I used to really enjoy a bedtime snack. Like toast and hot chocolate. Something comforting. But since developing a hiatal hernia, I have to have a fairly empty stomach or I can’t lay down. So most of the time now my little routine is bath, toothbrush, nighttime pills, etc. Sometimes if I’m into a really good book and I’m nearing the end, I will sit up and read that sucker til I get to the last page.

My favorite place to be is:
Anywhere with Lia
The north coast area
Almost anywhere in nature
Bed, with flannel sheets in the winter

If I could be feared by all or loved by all, I’d choose to be:
Loved. Duh. This is really a dumb question and I almost didn’t include it. I guess there are some who would rather be feared, but thankfully I don’t know of any that are in my life.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Inane Questions part 1

My friend, Min Newell, posted a bunch of these with her answers. I decided to use some of the questions for blogfodder. Yes, it’s a word. I just made it up. (Picture me with my tongue sticking out)

A New Year’s resolution I haven’t been able to accomplish yet:
I didn’t make any this year because of my failure with last years resolutions. I wanted to start using my good china again. Never did. In my defense, we rarely have “dinner” with other people here anymore. Hotdogs on the weber in the back yard does not require china. And when it’s just Marv and me, we eat sitting in our recliners in front of the TV.
The other one was to use a few of the many, many recipes I’ve gotten off of Facebook and the Internet. Didn’t do that either. I’ve had friends who have done this, and I’ve been fortunate enough to sample some of those recipes. All are good. But me? Nada…

When I get a call from a telemarketer:
I talked about this before, but I’ll do it again. I have come to rather enjoy needling telemarketers when they aren’t robots. Sadly, most of them are nowadays. But if I get a real person on the line, doesn’t matter what the subject is, I will play along for a while and try to be as frustrating as possible. Sometimes I will act angry. Other times I will answer the phone sounding like someone had just died. Try it! It’s fun!!

My comfort food is:
High sugar, high carbs. Don’t judge me. Pasta, French toast, ridiculously high-priced coffees from Starbucks. If it’s bad for me, I probably love it. NO KALE in this comfort zone!! OMG…I almost forgot BACON!! Let ya in on a little secret…sometimes Marv and I will fry up an entire package of bacon and EAT IT ALL!!

The most important decision I’ve ever made was:
To NOT take my life. Through most of high school, I tried to figure out a way to commit suicide that was relatively painless and would work the first time. I didn’t want to end up a vegetable because I’d gotten the mix of pills wrong (this was when my mom was temporarily on the wagon and there was no booze in the house, or I might have considered mixing the two).
And anything involving a lot of pain I didn’t think I could go through with. I also was wrestling with the thought that taking my life was a sin against God. And that is what finally decided me. As a Christian, I couldn’t take my life without it being a slap in the face of God. So I decided not to do it. I was very depressed with that realization, but I always depressed anyway, so no big loss. Of course, now I’m very grateful I stuck around. And a couple of years later was when I started getting help.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Faith, Fools, & Calendar Quirks

It was discovered that Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent starts on Valentine’s Day and Easter takes place on April Fools’ day this year. There were a lot of jokes on FB about this. And that’s OK, but as I thought about it, I realized it’s actually pretty appropriate.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about love. Send out Valentines, buy flowers and candy for your sweetie, all the commercial stuff that now surrounds the day. But there is another kind of love that no one seems to have thought of. The love of God for His children.

Originally, Valentine’s Day was a feast day in the church to celebrate and honor the martyr Saint Valentine. Of which there were many with that name. It slowly became associated with romantic love. Now it’s just another Hallmark holiday. We should show our love to our loved ones as often as possible.

But when it comes to God’s love for His children, there are no cards, flowers or candy. It’s unconditional and steadfast. It’s eternal. It’s every single day. I can’t imagine surrendering Paul or Sarah to die on a cross to save the world from sin. I would let the world go to hell and keep my kids at my side. But God did that very thing…surrender His Son. Love can’t go much deeper than that.

So going into the penitential season of Lent, we remember this holy love for us. When we get that cross of ashes drawn on our forehead, it’s a mark of love.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Now, as for Easter landing on April Fools’ Day…What better day could there be? A LOT of people were fooled when Christ rose from the tomb!

Hey, Romans! You too, Pontius Pilate! He lives! April Fools!
Hey, Sanhedrin, Sadducees, Pharisees! Jesus rose as He said He would! April Fools!

Now, I am NOT mocking the Resurrection with this. I’m just putting a Christian slant on a day that people use to prank others, and on an event that has come to mean bunnies, candy and a week off of school.  And, I have to admit, I AM thumbing my nose at the people who put Christ on the cross. And that means us, too. We are just as guilty.

BUT—we are also forgiven! Christ DID rise from the dead! Hallelujah!