Thursday, July 19, 2018

July 2018 Book Report

Madeleine L’Engle's Wrinkle in Time quintet. I read the first 3 in the series many years ago. So long ago, in fact, that I barely remembered them. I got the boxed series for Lia a couple Christmas’s ago and decided to read them all in one gulp. I’m glad I did. I wish there had been more. I will only give snippets in my review. READ THESE BOOKS NOW!!

A Wrinkle in Time (1962)
Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin rescue Mr. Murry from the evil IT.

A Wind in the Door (1973)
Meg, Calvin and school principal Mr. Jenkins travel deep inside of Charles Wallace to save him.

A Swiftly Tilting Planet (1978)
Meg keeps in contact mentally with Charles Wallace as he travels through time to avert a world disaster.

Many Waters (1986)
Twins Sandy and Dennys travel to the time before the Great Flood and meet Noah and his family.

An Acceptable Time (1989)
Meg and Calvin’s daughter Polly travels 3,000 years into the past to stop and ancient war.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Psych: Mind Over Magic (2009) by William Rabkin
Shawn and Gus solve the murder of Chubby Dead Guy and look for the missing Martian Magician
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Garbage World (1967) by Charles Platt
Asteroid Kopra is the garbage dump for the rest of the asteroids. The people who live there survive by picking through it all for food and usable goods.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

My Week With Lia June 2018 part 2

Along with the crafting, we did other stuff. One of the main things was watching a cute mystery show for kids. It ran on the Nickelodeon channel and is called Hunter Street. The first season ran early in 2017 and we happened upon it last summer when it was rerun. We missed the first few episodes, but caught up quickly and we both were hooked. It takes place in Amsterdam and was just a very well written, CLEAN show with a lot of humor and fun action. We knew there was going to be a second season, but no idea when it would be aired. Shortly before Lia was to visit in June, I found out that the 2nd season had run early this year. I discovered that I could access all the episodes on their website and watch them on our computer. So every day we would watch a couple of episodes or more. It was so much fun watching this with Lia. We would discuss what was happening and try to guess who the bad guy was and just how other people were involved. The last episode ended with a hint of another season, so I looked it up. And yes, there will be a season 3. If this show was available on DVD, I would get it so Lia and I could watch it whenever we wanted on the TV.

I had given Lia a couple of kid’s cookbooks for Christmas a couple years ago and had her look through them before visiting and pick out a few recipes she wanted to try. Here’s what we did:
French toast made with Cinnabon raisin bread. AMAZING!
Tortellini Alfredo. So good, Lia had 3rds!
“Real” mac and cheese, NOT packaged! Another winner for dinner.
Purple cow. Best treat in the WORLD.  6oz frozen grape juice. 1 Cup milk. 2 Cup vanilla ice cream. Mix all in blender.

We played card games. We read a lot. I let Lia play for me on Best Fiends on Facebook. Generally enjoyed each other’s company.
I introduced Lia to “ermahgerd” memes!!!! She LOVED it!! She was speaking ermahgerd all over the place!

The other day I found out that she will visit again for a week at the end of this month.

Can’t wait! ♥

Thursday, July 5, 2018

My Week With Lia June 2018 part 1

We got a lot done this visit. Lia just keeps getting better as time goes on. Thanks to a delightful book, “Amelia’s Notebook” by Marissa Moss, we both got composition books at the dollar store and started our own notebooks. We wrote in them every day and illustrated them. We read them both together. And promised that we would keep writing in them once Lia went home. She would bring her notebook with her for the next visit and we would share what we each wrote while we were apart. I went through my list of projects I wanted to do with Lia, and here are some of them…

Watercolor blobs and markers. We painted random blobs of color on paper. Once they were dry, we took markers and pens and tried to make something with each blob. I did small blobs on my paper, Lia did large ones. Sorry I didn’t take pics of Lia’s artwork this time around.

Bleeding tissue paper. This was TONS of fun! Watercolor paper, misted down, scraps of tissue placed all over, a final misting of all. We let it sit for quite a while and before it was quite dry, we peeled off the tissue. Great results! This big one I did has paisley shapes I drew on with a stencil and started to decorate. I did another one that I cut into smaller pieces for cards. And you MUST have the kind of tissue paper that bleeds. The usual kind you get in a store won’t bleed. Mine I got on Amazon.

String art. I’ve shared videos on FB of this technique and was quite eager to try it with Lia. This was my first attempt. It was VERY messy, as I used some rather thick twine I had on hand and some old finger paints from when Lia was very young. I look forward to trying it with a different type string and some other color medium.

Bookmarks. A dear friend who recently passed away posted pics of this type of art. Lia and I made a ton of them. Some for friends, some for Sarah. A lot of fun to make. And Lia and I each put one of them in our notebooks.

This last one is something I’d been wanting to do for a long time. We painted two old cookie sheets to make a magnet message board. Lia took one home and I kept one. Lia will further decorate hers with beads and shells that she had at home. I haven’t decided yet what I will do with mine. This shows one of the magnetic paper dolls I got the other day. I think Lia will get a kick out of something like that.

That’s pretty much all the crafting we did. I’ll write more next week about the other stuff. I LOVE THAT GIRL!! ♥