Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 wrap-up and resolution

I think I'm ready for a New Year to begin. The ending of this one has been a little hard to get through. We'll see what's ahead for us in 2010. On Myspace, I always do a year end review of the number of books I've read. When I went through my list of books I've read this year, I was appalled. I've only read 18 books this year! It's hardly worth it, but here's the break down:
Sci-fi/fantasy: 4
Bio/autobio: 3
Gen. Fiction: 4
Mystery/thriller: 4
Non-fic: 1
Other: 2
I rarely do a New Year's Resolution, but I'm making one now, and feel free to inquire about it from time to time in 2010 (to keep me honest, ya know):


Maybe I'll try and do a blog once a month on what I've read. Feel free to poke me about that, too.
So, Gladys (AKA Sorcha), the journey begins anew in one more day. I thank you for your kindness in reading my ramblings this past year, and for the kind comments you've made. Give Pete my regards and I wish you and yours the very best that Life has to offer for this new year.
xoxo Dot

Sunday, December 20, 2009

December ramblings

Well, Gladys, it's been a bit melancholy around my brain of late. I need to drag the ol' attitude out of the dumper and start focusing on just what this time of year means and what's REALLY important in the bigger scheme of things. To sorta quote Bogie, "the problems of a few people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world."
The month started out with me being double nickels no longer. I had a birthday, and am now double nickels and a penny. When I mentioned this to Marv, he said, "Well, next year I'll be double nickels and my 2 cents worth!" I actually had a very nice birthday by going shopping with Paul in Chico, and he treated me to a wonderful burger at Burger Hut (the best burgers in Northern California!). We listened to the Beatle's Sgt. Pepper album while driving, which gave me a bit of a pang. I was first introduced to this album in Junior High by a very special teacher: Mrs. Virginia Sherman. She was my teacher for Reading/Spanish in 7th grade, History/English in 8th grade. She had us listening to this album and also the "Why Is There Air?" album by Bill Cosby. I immediately got both those albums after hearing them in her class. The reason for the pang was that Mrs. Sherman passed away a few days before my birthday. I always thought of her any time I heard a song from the Sgt. Pepper album. RIP, Mrs. Sherman. I'm sure she joins Mrs. Vanderlay and Mrs. Malloy in teacher heaven.
A week ago, my wonderful mother-in-law, Lillian, had a stroke. She's 89, and had been slowing down a bit, but this still took us by surprise. Taking her to the doctor and then the hospital invovled my wrestling an antique borrowed wheelchair in and out of the car 3 times that day, seriously damaging my already dicey back. I've been managing the days with low level pain meds and the nights with high level pain meds. The saddest thing is seeing the change in "mom", as I've always called her. The stroke could've taken more from her, but what it took was enough to make her "not the same" anymore. Christmas will be very different this year, but we don't know yet how different. We don't know if she'll still be in the hospital or a nursing home, neither of which is what you want for a loved one at this time. Or any time, for that matter.
And then--tomorrow is my dad's birthday. He would've been 98. He died 2 weeks after his 93rd BD. It just all gives me pause.
BUT--the important stuff! (pay close attention, Gladys!)
1. I KNOW without a doubt where my dad is at this moment.
2. I KNOW without a doubt my MIL's spiritual "act" is in perfect order, and where she'll be when the Lord sees fit to take her Home.
And best of all:
3. Christ was born to save us; He died to save us; He rose again, completing our salvation; HE WILL RETURN to take us all Home on the last day. Amen.
Merry CHRISTmas!

Monday, December 7, 2009

gift cards and fruit cake

I've written about gift cards before on Myspace, but just have to say something again after reading an article titled "Gift cards are the new fruit cake". First of all, fruit cake has a bad rep because of the mass-marketed cake that is usually on the shelf this time of year. I LOVE fruit cake IF:
1. It's DENSE
2. It's MOIST
4. It's DRIPPING with rum/brandy/whatever. (Maybe all 3)
Give me a plate of fruit cake like that, and a cup of coffee and I'll call it dinner!
Now, about gift cards. Once again, I LOVE gift cards! I do NOT think they: are a cop-out/show how much you DON'T care/are lazy. And yes, it does depend on the store the card is for. Yes, you can get screwed on the weird, out-of-the way stores that might go out of business at any moment. The MAJOR places are just fine, thankyouverymuch. AND--it doesn't cost much to mail the little gems to those you love. And believe me, it's the loved ones that get the gift cards!
So, Gladys, if you are of a mind to gift me for either my birthday (this Friday, thanks for asking) or CHRISTmas, here are some of my favorite places I would love to have a gift card for:
1. Barnes and Noble--there's a reason this is number 1.
2. Starbucks--competing hard with B&N, but after you drink the coffee, that's it. The book you'll still have.
3. JC Penney/Kohl's/Target/Walmart/Sears--any of the major dept. stores. Last year, I got a fabulous blender at the sales at Penney's. Thanks again, Bert!
4. Michaels Crafts--tons of fun there
5. Red Lobster/Applebees/Olive Garden/Outback--yum! Trader Joe's is good, too.
So there you have it once again. IMHO, fruit cakes are great, if they're the right ones. Gift cards are wonderful. Give me one of each, Gladys, if you're feeling particularly bountiful. And I will say a hearty "Thank you" as well!
I MIGHT even cut you a slice of the fruit cake....maybe....