Friday, July 29, 2016

Scattered Thoughts

I am all over the map today! Usually, I will write my blog and post it late Thursday night. Then on Friday I will post the link on Facebook for my many, many readers. (HA!)
Today’s blog is fresh!! Could not think of anything to write last night to save my life. So random stuff it is!!

I am really looking forward to the Summer Olympics next month. I usually enjoy the Olympics, both summer and winter. This year, I find myself more anticipatory than usual. Don’t know why.

I miss the old department stores Grant’s and Woolworth’s. Grant’s was where we always did our before-school clothes shopping at the end of summer. And I always got my winter flannel pajamas there. That and Woolworth’s was like a playground to me when I was young. I loved looking through the toy section while mom shopped. When Marv and I moved to Oroville, there was a Woolworth’s here and the manager was a man who went to our church. I had so much fun shopping there for Dollar Days!

I was so stoked when McDonald’s announced they were going to make their breakfast menu available all day. I LOVE the Sausage McMuffin with Egg!! And there have been times that Marv and I have gone there for lunch and I’ve gotten that.

I mentioned on Facebook that my new glasses cost around $1000. I still think that is way too high, but with my steep prescription I am glad they are available. And they are so light! My glasses have always been heavier than most, because the lenses are so thick. Even going to the plastic lenses, they were weighty. These new ones, however, are not. I don’t have the big marks on my nose with these.

And now for the main reason I didn’t do a blog last night: Fishdom!! The various versions of this game is a real joy to me. Each time a new version came out, I would buy it. Twice now, the computer has crashed and I have lost the games. The first time it happened, I was able to contact the company (Playrix) and get the links to reinstall the games. This last time, I was getting no response from them. Months went by. I despaired of ever getting them back. Finally a response came through with new links. I contacted my tech expert Paul (my son) and we did FaceTime while he helped me through the reinstall and counseled me on how to keep the links filed so if the computer gets naughty again, at least Carbonite will have the backup. So I had a very nice chat with my son and got my games back to boot! The rest of the evening was playtime!! Don’t judge me!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Habits to Kick Before Age 30

Thought I’d share my wisdom after reading this article.
The original article had 29 things, but I’m SO FAR PAST 30 a lot were no longer relevant. Here’s what was left:

Spending too much on cheap (i.e.: trendy) clothes--
No fear there! Once I left the work force to have kids I have dressed for comfort. I do have a few nice outfits for church, but that’s about it.

Skimping on skin care--
This one is VERY important. And thanks to my Aunt LoLita and a home-ec class in high school, I started on this early on.

“Forgetting” to call older relatives--
Since my parents were older than most when I was born, by the time I was 30 most of my older relatives were no longer here. But I do regret not calling my Aunt LoLita more often.

Not saving money--
This is a huge regret. It never occurred to me to put aside some of my paycheck when I was working. After having kids we were down to one paycheck, but we still could have saved a bit more.

Not cleaning your shower until it’s covered in mold--
Thank you, Lord, for those wonderful cleaning products that you can just spray on and rinse off!

Smoking or tanning at all--
Neither Marv nor I EVER smoked, but I was guilty of trying to get a nice tan when I was young. Marv always burned and peeled, so he never tried for a tan either.

Not pursuing something you love--
I was in such an awful state of mind in my youth. I couldn’t imagine living to the age of 20, let alone what I wanted to do in life. I truly regret that I didn’t get help earlier. I think I would have enjoyed being an art teacher in elementary grades.

Constantly running late--
I have NEVER been late, barring car trouble. I am early or on time. Always.

Checking your phone at the dinner table--
This wasn’t an issue in earlier years. No cell phones. But I think it’s the height of discourtesy to do this.

Never exercising--
Another big regret. *sigh*

Complaining about getting older--
HA! At this great age (62) I feel it’s my RIGHT to complain!! But not you young whipper-snappers…

Never buying groceries (Seamless and drive-thru)--
I had to Google Seamless. Never heard of it. As for drive-thru, we didn’t do much. We still don’t. It’s expensive!

Skipping doctor appointments--
I bug my daughter about this one. Again, at my age, it’s nice to get out of the house, even if it’s to see a doctor.

Fighting with your siblings over small stuff--
Yeah, but age 30 this should be over with. My brother and I had the usual strife when we were kids, but by junior high it was done. MY kids, however….

Some of the other ones had to do with asking for a raise, online dating, drinking and the consequences, social media etc. Stuff that had no application to me, either as a youngster or now.

So if you’re 30+ and still doing/not doing some of this stuff—CUT IT OUT! Act your age!!

PS...get off my lawn... :-)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 2016 Book Report

Sidetracked Suspicions (2015) by Emily Thomas

Blue Hills Library series. This one kinda irked me. I know it’s supposed to take place in a smallish town where most of the folks know each other, and for the most part, get along. But when the majority suddenly cast suspicion on and turn against one of the most upright, dependable women I take issue. What happened to putting the best construction on everything?? A valuable vase disappears from the railroad museum and it looks like Wendy was the last one around before the vase went missing. So of course she was the one who took it. Gimme a break! Everything turns out OK in the end, because that’s what this series is about, but Wendy was much more willing to forgive and forget than I would be…
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
On the Night of the Seventh Moon (1972) by Victoria Holt

Typical V. Holt book. I read most of the way through and then skipped to the end because I got bored with the turmoil in the middle and could see the ending coming. Young Helena is at a boarding school in Germany and meets the mysterious Maximillian in the forest while on a day trip. Lots of romance, intrigue, shenanigans and whatnot.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Winter Wheat (1944) by Mildred Walker

Learned a lot about dry-land farming in this book. Good story, too. It takes place in Montana in 1940. Ellen Webb is a smart girl who wants to go to college. Her parents scrape enough money together to send her for one year. She returns home to teach until she can get enough money to go back to school.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
This Side of Innocence (1946) by Taylor Caldwell

Talk about your drama!! Wow! Almost the entire book is taken up with thwarted romance, ambition, revenge. Definitely soap opera worthy. It take places in New York, shortly after the Civil War has ended. Amalie is engaged to Alfred. His cousin Jerome falls in love with Amalie, and she feels the same. Amalie and Alfred marry anyway. One dark night when Alfred is away from home Jerome and Amalie have an affair, resulting in their daughter Mary. Divorce, recriminations, bad mojo all over the place. This goes on for the next 20 years or so. 
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Vampire High (2003) by Douglas Rees

This was a fun little book I got at Salvation Army for Lia. There is a sequel to this one, which I am very interested in reading as well. Cody is dragged away from his beloved California to Massachusetts when his dad changes jobs. To show his disapproval, this formerly good student sets out to flunk every class, even home room. Through his boss, the dad gets Cody admission to Vlad Dracul Magnet School, where their standards are high and EVERY student who has graduated does well in life. Cody notices right away that very few of the students seem to be “regular” kids like himself. Most of the students are tall, pale and wear sunglasses ALL THE TIME. After his suspicions are confirmed, Cody starts to realize that maybe he can make a difference in this school and actually achieve something worthwhile.