Monday, June 14, 2010

the bigger they are, etc. etc. etc.

I managed to trip over my own feet on Saturday when we went to Food Maxx. Marv was getting me a cart and I just plain tripped and fell right on the concrete by the carts. The right side of my head hit the ground and my glasses flew off. I hit my right knee pretty hard, but was wearing capris, so no skin damage. The hardest hit was my right hand that I guess I had put out to break my fall. It was crumpled under me and I sprained it a bit. There was a young man gathering carts to put back and he was right there offering me a hand and Marv was on the other side. They got me upright and I was OK. The main thing that hurt right then was the side of my face. My glasses had smooshed into me before flying off and cut me right below the right eye. It was bleeding, so I went into the ladies room to wash up a bit. My glasses were bent all to heck, and it was very hard to see. Thankfully, the lenses are plastic, so they didn't break, just the corner of the right lens was crunched a bit. I tried to bend them back to the point of at least being able to wear them, but it sure made vision a problem. We did our shopping and went home. Marv was able to get the glasses back into shape as I sat in my recliner with ice packs on my knee, wrist and face. I was mentally going through all the blessings of the incident:

It could have been worse; I could've broken something.
I didn't have to play at the nursing home chapel service this coming week.
I wasn't having my picture taken for anything important, or going to a function where I'd want to look all "prettied up".
I'd have a great story to blog about!

I figured the next day I'd probably be feeling a few more aches and pains, but I was surprisingly FINE...except for a nasty cold I'd picked up somewhere! Can't imagine where THAT came from...even my wrist was good enough that I could've played for the chapel service if I'd had to. So there ya go. I had Marv take a pic of my shiner and put it in the Misc Pix folder on Myspace. Take a gander...

Monday, June 7, 2010

hamburger lips

Sarah got her braces adjusted the other day and was telling me how much her mouth hurt. Not only because of the adjustment, but because of the way her cheek was scoured by one of the brackets. Boy, did that bring back memories! My orthodontist was just a few blocks away from where I went to Junior High, so I had special permission to leave campus when I had an appointment. My parents both worked, and while my mom could've made arrangements, it was just easier for me to walk there. The appointments were made for after lunch, so I'd be able to brush my teeth before going, and there would only be 2 classes left. About 2 hours after the adjustment I would be in great pain and usually didn't sleep well that night.
Around Christmas, I was goofing around on my mom's bed while she did something in her room. I lost my balance and fell, mouth first, across the footboard of the bed. Talk about pain! And blood! Now you know where I got the title for this blog...
The ONLY good thing about this incident is that it took place during Christmas vacation (NOT "Winter Break" thankyouverymuch), so I didn't have to go to school with grossly swollen lips. But it was very hard to really enjoy any kind of Christmas goodies when it was so painful to try and chew without moving my lips. I can still feel it...

Friday, June 4, 2010

fabulous day!

Gladys, today was wonderful! It didn't start that way, but it sure ended up that way. I had an appointment in Chico and my friend was going with me and we were going to have lunch at Starbucks. I was making the sandwiches and my friend called and said something came up and she wouldn't be able to go. So I went to my appointment in Chico alone in the dreary rain. I had a CD that Paul had made for me years ago, with some old tunes that I really loved. I ended up singing the whole way to Chico. By the time I arrived at my appointment, it had stopped raining and was windy and cool but it felt great. After my appointment, I went to Starbucks by myself. I sat outside at one of the little tables with my sandwich, my peppermint mocha and a chocolate croissant and watched the traffic. Then I did some shopping. I had a blast! I love shopping at the Walmart in Chico, as it has a much larger selection of everything than the store in Oroville. I got me some new jammies! Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse! And what was even better--since I've lost so much weight I was able to get them in a smaller size and not pay the extra $2 they charge for the larger sizes! WOOT!! I ended up on a whim at the 99¢ Store and got a BUNCH of fun stuff for Lia. I also scored 3 (count 'em! 3!) different scents of dusting powder WITH PUFF. I had been on a mission for some time trying to find any store that still carried that item. Everybody has bath powder in a bottle, but no one had it in the flat round container with a puff. At least not at a price I was willing to pay. I was so stoked! Then I drove home singing all the way. The only thing that would've made the whole excursion better would've been if Mary had been with me. Or you, Gladys--you would have been a welcome companion! Maybe next time? ☺