Thursday, September 9, 2010

The best part of waking up...

…is Slim•Fast in my cup!

I HATE waking up! I am NOT a morning person. I am NEVER at my best first thing in the morning. I know that breakfast is supposed to be the most important start to the day, but unless someone serves me directly, I am not in the mood to be preparing ANYthing first thing, not even cold cereal. I used to only have my favorite International Coffee Orange Cappuccino for breakfast, but found that by 10-10:30 I was starving and would need a snack. Of course, that would usually be a high-calorie snack, and I would still eat a substantial lunch. When I started getting serious about losing some weight, I went back to having Slim•Fast in the morning. I had tried it years before, when they still made the Chocolate Royale lactose-free. When they stopped making that flavor without lactose, I had to give it up. Since I was able to have dairy again, I was pleased that they still made Chocolate Royale. I put it in my fat-free milk and had that for breakfast, but I was then a bit too full for a whole cup of coffee. And I NEED my coffee in the morning. That’s usually the only caffeine coffee I have during the day. I don’t know when I had the bright idea of adding a little extra water to the Slim•Fast mix and then putting in my orange cappuccino powder and heating it up, but after that, mornings got a whole lot better. I’d still be stumbling into the kitchen sometimes with my eyes partly closed and putting everything together by feel, but sitting with a nice insulated container of hot Slim•Fast coffee and letting the morning sort of ooze into me makes the insult of morning a bit easier to take.

Friday, September 3, 2010

August book report

One good thing that came of having the computer go south for awhile was that I did get caught up a bit with my reading. I knew I was spending a lot of time on the computer, but was a little dismayed at the amount of reading I got done because I wasn't on the computer so much. So here's the list:

3 books by Janet Evanovich--"Plum Spooky", "Finger Lickin' Fifteen", and "Sizzling Sixteen".
1 Grace Chapel Inn book--"Mystery at the Inn" by Carolyne Aarsen

I love, love, LOVE Janet Evanovich! Her Stephanie Plum books are the biggest joy in the world to read. A friend at church introduced them to me and I in turn got Sarah hooked on them. They involve the misadventures of a clutzy Jersey girl who is a bounty hunter. The humor is wonderful and both Sarah and I wait impatiently each year for the new Plum book to come out.

And as always, the Grace Chapel Inn books are a treat for the soul.

Now that the computer is of use again (for however long it holds out), my reading has slowed down. I've decided to curtail my use though, and get more done around the house and certainly read more! I'm almost finished with another Terry Pratchett book...