Thursday, October 5, 2017

October 2017 Book Report

The Outlaws of Ravenhurst (1923) by L.M. Wallace

L.M. Wallace was a nun and I could find very little bio info on her. She wrote this book mainly for Catholic children, but it’s a great read for everyone. In 17th Century Scotland, there was war between Catholic and Protestant. The Catholic heir to the Gordon of Ravenhurst was spirited away to colonial America and raised until he could be returned to his rightful place. Absolutely a great adventure!
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The Marriage of Opposites (2015) by Alice Hoffman

Outstanding book of historical fiction regarding the great painter Camille Pissaro and the life of French-speaking Jews in 1800s St. Thomas. Pissaro’s parents defy their entire Jewish community when they marry and are outcasts for most of their lives.
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On Thin Ice (2017) by Anne Marie Rodgers

Jan and Elaine get their tea shop ready for the Valentine’s Day celebrations. One of the young men of their community appears to have been kidnapped and the cousins try to solve that mystery.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Ross Poldark (1945) by Winston Graham

I was a bit dismayed when a friend at church recommended this series of books, and lent me the box of 12 volumes! TWELVE! I thought I would look through the first one and then give them all back saying it wasn’t my particular taste. Boy, was I wrong! They are addictive!! I gobbled this one down and am now working on the second one. It starts out just after the American Revolution when Ross Poldark returns to England, expecting to marry his childhood sweetheart. He discovers she is about to marry his cousin and things go downhill from there for awhile.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
A Light in the Window (1995) by Jan Karon

2nd book in the Mitford series. Father Tim returns from his sabbatical in Ireland and is still waffling about the possibility of romance with his neighbor, Cynthia. Dooley is offered the chance to go away to a really good school. The Widow Mallory sets her sites on Father Tim and Percy’s Grill has to close. Great series.

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