Thursday, June 1, 2017

Myrtle Is Happy (For Now)

OK. I promised to let you know what I did with my latest altered book, and how I finally appeased my muse, Myrtle. I made this book for my daughter’s birthday, and tried to capture her essence in the pages. There were a lot of sayings and poems that I felt fit her, and tried to put some kind of image with each. Here are three examples:

This one is to give hope for lifes many, many trials. Sarah has gone through more than her fair share, but has not given up. I admire her for that.

The quilt is made of many different pieces of fabric, and I liken that to the many pieces in our lives that we fashion into our personal quilts. Plus, Sarah’s MIL quilts a lot and has gotten Sarah interested in it as well. It was accompanied by a poem I wrote.

I just love this one! I’d seen something like this with a bird as an illustration, and I knew right away that I wanted to use the words with a different image. I don’t recall where I found the image of the woman, but I loved it. She seems to embody joy, and I added clip art wings to her. I will probably use this page for other altered books.

So now my task is to finally get around to making an altered book for ME. So keep your pants on, Myrtle…it will get done!

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