Friday, June 13, 2014

English Food

Being an Anglophile, I’ve read a lot of Brit lit, and I’m familiar with certain traditional English foods. I know most of the following dishes can be made here, but it just wouldn’t be the same as having them in a real English pub, or a lovely garden, or the drawing room at the manor. Here is my list:

Bangers and Mash ~
Pretty much self-explanatory. Also called sausage and mash. I love sausage and I love mashed potatoes, so I’m pretty sure I would enjoy this hearty meal. It’s a good example of what is called “pub grub.” The term “banger” came from the fact that in earlier times, the sausages had a lot of water in them, and would explode if not tended carefully. I prefer my meals to just lie on my plate and not attack.  

Spotted Dick ~
A type of pudding that is always good for a laugh. I love puddings, especially thick doughy ones with raisins. The raisins are the “spots.” There are several guesses as to where the name “dick” comes from. A corruption of earlier words, or even the fact that it’s the German word for “thick.” So many jokes, that I cannot make…
Anyway, it’s common to serve this with custard, which I also love. And I was tickled to find out that it also comes in a can (even MORE jokes I cannot make) and is microwavable! I’ll bet Miss Marple never dreamed of that sort of thing!

Yorkshire Pudding ~
Made with eggs, flour and milk. Usually as a side dish with roast meat and gravy. I’m a big fan of roast and gravy, and think this would be just a tasty as having mashed potatoes. The drippings from the meat can be used to make the batter. Without the drippings, it can be served as a dessert with some kind of sweet sauce or syrup.

Cream Tea ~
A light afternoon meal consisting of tea, scones, clotted cream and jam. Do NOT ask how many calories this is!! It will make you cry! Just sit back, listen to the birds in the garden, hold that pinkie out and enjoy…

Bacon Butty ~
Simply put, a bacon sandwich. Another term is bacon sarnie. It’s a roll with butter and a pile of bacon. It’s served hot with ketchup or brown sauce, if desired. The word “sarnie” is a colloquialism. As for whether I’d like it or not…it’s BACON!!! What do YOU think??? I don’t think I’d care for ketchup or anything else though. Another dish where you don’t ask about the calories.

Pub Crawl ~
I know, this isn’t a food, it’s an activity. My dad would always joke about going “bar-hopping,” which is the same thing. But I’d want it to be at REAL pubs. You know, with funny signs like the one at the left. And even though I’d probably not make it much past 3 or MAYBE 4 pubs before having to be carted home, I’d like to give it my best shot. Maybe a brisk walk between pubs would help clear my head.

Cheerio! Back to the colonies….

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