Friday, May 23, 2014

Dead Stuff

I was hitting the wall again, trying to come up with something for the blog. I decided to go through some of my many files on the computer and see if something sparked. Nothing was happening, but I was able to tidy things up a bit and delete some garbage. I was almost ready to click out when I saw an old word document with bookmarks. I started glancing at them and was saying “Oh, I remember that one!” and took a look. Some were dead links, of course, but some where still there but not updated. I chose a couple that I had really liked, were no longer updated, but still available.

Hamletto the Hamster
This is a really cute little cartoon, well written and drawn. I was very sad when the author quit, but kept the link. You can go to the drop down window and scroll to the first one and read the entire series. If you want something gentle on the brain and also happen to like hamsters, this is a good comic.

interactive material – art 
Not all the links work here, but the ones that still do are tons of fun. Good info, too. You’re given examples of different styles of art, a tiny bit of trying the style out, and instructions on how to make your own piece of art. Good for kids AND adults. I couldn’t save a picture from this site, so I went to another art site where you can make a Mondrian (one of the artists featured)  and saved a pic from there:(

craft corner 
This one hasn’t been updated in well over a year, but has such great examples I’ve kept the bookmark. The picture here is from one her early entries, showing how to do an embossed tile. She does many different type of crafting and her work is lovely.

Jessica McLeod
Another really cute web comic site. She has several here to choose from. All wonderful. I think Tea With a Space Rabbit is my favorite.

Catalog Living
NOT DEAD YET!!! They say they’re on hiatus due to the birth of their baby, so hopefully they will be back with current stuff. If not, at least we have what is here. 
It’s hilarious…check it out!

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