Friday, May 30, 2014

More Alphabet Soup NOP

N – Nautilus
I’ve always been fascinated by the seashell, but even more so by Captain Nemo’s ship. I’ve read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea many times and have seen at least 2 different film versions. I love all of Jules Verne’s books. He wrote Steampunk and didn't even know it!

O – Oblio
I’ve always loved the songs of Harry Nilsson, and when he came out with the movie The Point in 1971 filled with wonderful songs, I was truly entranced. I got several of the songs on 45s and listened to them over and over. Then when the album for The Point came out, I got that. Several years ago I finally got the movie on DVD. Now my happiness is complete. Oblio and Arrow will always be in my heart...♥

P – Patchouli
You may not know this is a bush in the mint family, but if you grew up any time during the 60’s or 70’s you know the aroma! There was a great little store at the old mall called Taj Bazaar, filled with Indian cloth/fabric for bedspreads, tablecloths, whatever your little hippy heart desired. All sorts of brass incense burners and assortments of incense. Wonderful dangly earrings. And of course as soon as you walked through the door you were hit by the exotic smell of patchouli. All I have to do is see or hear the name and my mind immediately goes all swirly colors, paisley shapes, sandals and sitar music. Groovy, man!!

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