Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Nyquil shots for everyone!!!

This Thanksgiving, we were VERY thankful for many things:
Various antibiotics
Throat/cough drops
NYQUIL (balloons and confetti going up for that one!)

It was wonderful that Chris was able to come up with Sarah and Lia this year. He’s usually working. And while it was great having most of my family around me, we were all sick. Except for Marv. He kept as far away as possible from us and didn’t kiss anybody! Lia (who started it all) was pretty much over it by Thanksgiving, and since we didn’t dare bring Marv’s mom over to a germ-infested house, Marv was able to take Lia to see mom a couple of times.

Of the sickies, I was probably the most able-bodied, so I was able to play with Lia and keep her occupied. And the weather was perfect for going outside to play on the swing. We all even got in a bit of shopping in Chico and met up for lunch at McDonald’s.

While I would have preferred everyone to have been in perfect health, it was STILL a good family holiday. I love my family. I would have been great to have ALL of us together. Maybe in the future….

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  1. i wasn't sick at all, though anne was hospitalized. i slept on the floor for thanksgiving.