Thursday, August 3, 2017

Part Two – It’s That Time…

…to get rid of:

Shoes  (sob)
I know a lot of women find this one particularly painful. My daughter had the most audacious collection of heels I had ever seen. And then she developed foot probs and had to GET RID OF THEM ALL!!! I could almost hear her wails all the way from Fresno. And I have been known to wear shoes until they just can’t be worn in public anymore because they look like rejects from a hobo camp. “But they were so COMFORTABLE!!” And then there are the ones that looked really good at the time, but just kinda made their way to the back of the closet…out they go!

T shirts
I LOVE t shirts that say something. Preferably with a design and/or words having to do with cats. And I love my collection of free shirts I’ve gotten from donating blood. Very proud of them. And again, I tend to wear them until they are almost unfit for cleaning rags. I have gotten a little better at weeding out the ones that can’t be worn in public, but it still causes a pang.

Wire hangers
We don’t take clothes to the cleaners anymore like we used to. For one thing, when clothes shopping, if the tag says “Dry Clean Only” it doesn’t get purchased! But they still seem to multiply in the closet when you’re not looking. And yes, I’ve made dream catchers from some of them, but I’m kinda past that particular craft.

Old nail polish 
I gave up trying to keep polish on my fingernails long, long ago. My nails are incredibly fragile and split or break simply by LOOKING at something I want to open, not to mention that any bump or slip results in damaging the nail. But I really, really love having sparkly toenails. It’s now gotten to the point of it being almost impossible to reach my toes to trim the nails, let alone apply polish. I’ve seen some neat things to do craft-wise that I will probably use the polish for.

Loofah aka Squishy aka Scrubby 
Both my daughter, granddaughter and I tend to use our Squishies until they start falling apart. I’ve read that you’re supposed to toss these things after 3 weeks use. That just doesn’t seem right. MAYBE after 6 months. If we think about it. And after buying a replacement BEFORE tossing the old one. Use your own judgement.

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