Thursday, March 30, 2017

Stuff I Miss

Tie-dye when it was new. I thought it was the most amazing artistic thing in the world. I tie-dyed a pair of pajamas that my brother had. They were plain cotton and cream colored. Very boring. He wanted a design in green. I don’t remember much about them now but Albert seemed very pleased with them.

Go-go boots. I would have KILLED for a pair of those. They were SO GROOVY!! But no, I had to have sensible shoes. Blah. Now I can’t wear any kind of shoe with a heel more than an inch or inch and a half.

The Flying Nun. Loved that show. Watched it every week. I remember the episode where the nuns were considering a new style habit. The only problem was that the new head-gear thing wouldn’t allow Sister Bertril to fly anymore. So even though all the nuns loved the new habit, they decided against it.

Box Tops and Battle Creek. LOVED getting those little packages from Battle Creek! I would bundle up those box tops and tape a quarter to one of them and send them off. I got some pretty cool things. I also loved the neat prizes that came in the cereal. A few of the goodies:
Batman rubber stamp set.
Capt’n Crunch stamp set (still have that).
Alphabet stamp set (still have that).
Garfield bike reflectors
Glow-in-the-dark acrobat figure on a pole
A little submarine that you put a tiny bit of baking soda in, put it in water and watch it dive and rise, dive and rise.

Comic books. I’m talking about more than Superman, Batman, etc which I think are still published today. I loved those as well when I was growing up, but I also loved Little Lulu, Nancy, Deputy Dawg, Richie Rich and so many more. I read those things until they fell apart. When Paul and Sarah were little, I tried to find comic books for them to read. I found very few, and what I did find was mostly all advertising. And neither of them was really interested.

Getting old sucks…*sigh*

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