Thursday, April 7, 2016

Random ramblings April 2016

A couple of random thoughts dealing with Facebook:
1) I love the Bitstrips. And I know you know that, because I’ve been rather profligate about the whole thing. But it’s fun, it doesn’t cost anything (other than my dignity and rep) and I’m going to keep on doing them until someone tells me to stop. I haven’t seen any new ones in some time on the site and am hoping for something new when the summer Olympics start. They had some pretty good ones for the winter sports, and I did have a lot of fun with those. They’ve had some running and award ones, but I’d like to see some for gymnastics. I KNOW my avatar can do some pretty good things on the balance beam…

2) Now, I know it’s petty and shallow, but misspellings REALLY bother me. I don’t mean the occasional typo, I’m guilty of that myself. I mean the really fantastic memes that have a great pic and great words, and the words are misspelled. I don’t care how great the thing is, if “your” and “you’re” are there incorrectly, it bugs the heck out of me. And I just can’t bring myself to share them on, no matter how good. I never make fun, though. And I am NOT a grammar Nazi. I just like things neatly done. And one more thing: It’s spelled “WHOA”!!!

Now for an embarrassing confession… I have never learned how to fold a fitted sheet! It’s true! I have NEVER folded my fitted sheets in my entire life. I fold the flat one and then do my best with the fitted one and just put them in the hall closet. My Aunt LoLita used to iron her sheets. As much as I loved her (and she was my favorite person in the whole world) I thought ironing sheets was complete insanity. I also never learned how to do a button hole on the sewing machine. My grandma showed me many times and I just never got it.

My readers already know how I feel about going shopping in the rain. Ugh…But I have been really trying to watch my thinking on this. Starting the trip with a very negative outlook does NOT help. Several weeks ago Marv and I had to go out and get some stuff that we really needed. No question about putting it off. It was cold, rainy and I was in pain. We had three stops to make. At two places there was handicap parking available, the other one had a space close to the door. I was able to get DRY carts at a couple of the places, the other place we used those little red baskets since we didn’t need to get much at that stop. The lines weren’t bad and the checkers were cheerful. All in all, it was an all right experience.

You know all those hilarious videos that feature cats being absolutely terrorized by cucumbers? Funniest stuff around. Love ‘em. We finally got a cuke to have a bit of fun with Harper. He was peacefully eating from his dish in the kitchen when we placed the scary veg nearby. Harper turned, looked at it, leaned forward to sniff it and went back to eating. We tried it another time the next day. Nothing. We seriously think those video cats were paid.

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