Friday, December 13, 2013

Keeping It Simple

With everything else going on (as usual) things are starting to get very hectic and I think I’m heading for burn-out. We got the tree up late this year, and for the last week all we’ve had on it is the lights it came with. And it looks very pretty just the way it is. I considered leaving it that way, but know I will enjoy having ornaments on it.

I decided on a different approach this year. I had Marv put the garland on last night, before any ornaments are on the tree. Usually, the garland is the last thing. This way, the ornaments will go where they will definitely be seen, rather than hidden by garland. I also had Marv take down ONE box of ornaments, and that will be the ones we put on the tree. Period. I have 3 other huge bins of ornaments and just couldn’t face going through them all.

I also considered not putting up the Manger this year. We did a different placement of the tree and there really is no good spot for the manger in the front room. Then I hit on the idea of putting it in the hallway on the bookcase where my kitty car cookie jar is. The hall nightlight is right above that shelf and I think it will look kinda like the Star of Bethlehem shining above the manger. I might even look for a special light to plug in there.

I already feel more like getting into it all. It just won’t be as much as in previous years.

I also decided NOT to make Christmas cards this year. It would be more of a job than a joy. So everyone is getting store-bought cards this year. I love sending and receiving cards and would never cut that activity out, I’m just giving myself a bit of a break this year.

There. I will put up some ornaments later and set up the Manger. And then sit and think about what this whole season is about. We were given a magnificent gift from God, and we need to really ponder that.

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