Friday, January 18, 2013

The Dark Child's Haiku part 1

Many years ago, BHP (before Happy Pills) I entertained myself on occasion by writing a lot of drivel. I’ve always loved the form of Haiku writing, and did that quite a bit. Some of it will never see the light of day, publicly, but some of it I think you might find amusing. I rewrote 12 nursery rhymes. Here are the first 6. Next week will be the rest of them.

Alas! Poor Humpty
All to pieces, I’m afraid
Omelets all around

Optic’ly challenged,
Mice chase the shrieking farm wife
Chop! Chop! Now who squeaks?

Shame on Jack Horner!
Scorning his fork, used his hands
What a messy boy!

Bo Peep, sheep tender
Foolishly loses them all
No lamb chops tonight

Mary’s snow-white lamb
Following once too often
Has become school lunch

Thirsty Jack and Jill
Are climbing, climbing, climbing
Alas! The well’s dry

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