Friday, May 20, 2011

Remembering Dana Garret

Dana Garret died recently, at the age of 63, and for some reason her brother decided there was no need for any kind of service. He was not a Christian, even though Dana was, and had many friends at church. He didn’t think anyone would come to a service. He was wrong. Here’s what I would’ve said if I’d been given a chance at her service:

Dana Garret was a member of our church. She was a quirky gal with a good sense of humor. She loved people, she loved kids, she loved cats. Most of all, she loved her Lord and Savior.

In her later years she was unable to get around very well. She had many health and mobility problems. She kept coming to church as long as she was able, and after that she was housebound. But she was not silent.

She loved to call people on the phone. I would answer the phone and hear her voice: “Hello, honey-bunny! How ya doing?” She would always say she had to check up on us, to see if we were being good. But not TOO good, because that wouldn’t be any fun, would it?

We would chat, talk about cats, about grandkids, nothing earth shaking. She would always ask how her “boyfriend” was doing. That’s what she called Marv. She would always end the conversation by telling me to give her boyfriend a kiss. Then she’d say “I love you guys.”

I will miss her phone calls. I will miss being called honey-bunny.

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  1. A sweet and fitting tribute for one given no farewell in the end.