Thursday, April 10, 2014

Alphabet Soup's On KLM

K – Krumhorn
This Renaissance instrument can also be spelled with a “c” although the original spelling is from the German for “bent horn.” It has a very pleasant reedy sound. I’ve always enjoyed music from that time period and from medieval times, both instrumental and choral. If you want to hear some nice little tunes on youtube, use the “c” spelling of the word.

L – Lupines
I’ve always loved these flowers for their beauty. It turns out that some varieties are grown for the seeds which are very nutritious. Ever since watching Monty Python, however, lupines mean only one thing: Dennis Moore!
That infamous highwayman, travelling through the countryside, robbing the rich of their bouquets of lupines and giving them to the poor. Who only wanted food and money. Poor sods…

M - Monkey Puzzle
I first read of this type of tree in an Agatha Christie novel. It wasn’t until we got a computer and I could look up pictures that I found out what it really looked like. Killer, huh? Used for ornamental gardening. Don’t think it would be much fun to climb.

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