Friday, July 12, 2013

Hear That??

That’s the sound of an empty nest. For the last 2 weeks we’ve had my son, his wife, and her daughter visiting us from Virginia. And last weekend we had my daughter and her daughter here as well. Full house, indeed. And it was wonderful! I loved having both my kids here! I loved having their families here too! It was total chaos but it was nice to feel like a real mom again.

And now they’re gone. It will probably be a long time before my son and his family are able to come out again. And now that Lia is starting school everyday, visits from them will be fewer, as will be my visits down to Fresno. Not a lot of point to spending all day at the house and only being with Lia in the afternoon and evening. I will admit to a LOT of sadness about that. It’s just not as much fun to color in coloring books without Lia there by my side…

BUT…now I hope to really get into my altered books again. I have decided that is my real love as far as crafting goes. I intend to clear out my craft room and put it back together again, with the hope that this time it will be “for reals” and will stay that way. I know that will make Myrtle happy.

So a new time of life starts. I’ve been less of a “mom” for some time now, and “grandma” now takes a back seat as well. Not having an outside job since having kids, my life and sense of self-worth has revolved around caring for someone else. Now it’s my turn.

But if Sarah calls and needs me for any reason, I will be in Fresno so fast your head will spin!

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