Friday, November 18, 2011

Get Outta My Way!!


Several years ago, before I started taking antidepressants, my theme song was a little ditty by Blue Flannel called "Having a Bad Day." I heard it on the radio and said "That's my song!!!" I especially liked the refrain, which was:
Having a bad day,
Having a bad day,
Get outta my way,
'cause I'm having a bad day.

And the lead singer basically sang about how he hated all kinds of people. No discrimination there. ALL of them!! And that was how I felt so often. Nothing personal. Just get outta my way! I had a LOT of bad days...

I got to thinking about that song today, and how I hadn't played it in a LONG time. And I thought about how it was no longer my theme song. And how I really wished I hadn't waited almost 20 years before asking my doctor for a little help with the depression...
Better late than never, eh?
So I got on youtube and listened to the song again. Still love it. Great tune, and boy, it nails the mood...anyone who's had a bad day knows what I mean....

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