Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sing Along With Me!

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I've been pretty sick this past week, so as a sop, this week's blog is a poem/song I wrote several years ago. It was mainly in response to the food that was being served to my dad in the nursing home, but can be applied to any kind of institution food. Enjoy! Come back for seconds, if you like!

Mystery Meals

(sung to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic)

They’re serving up the dinner and I sit down eagerly
I ask them what I’m eatin’ and they shrug quite helplessly
They tell me that it’s healthy and to eat it thankfully
The Mystery Meals are here

Come, and sit down at the table
Bring your Maalox if you’re able
Good nutrition’s just a fable
The Mystery Meals are here

I lift the cover on my dinner just to take a peek
I poke it gently with my fork and then hear someone shriek:
“What is this crap they’ve served us now, that we’re supposed to eat!?”
The Mystery Meals are here  (sing chorus)

I eat my dinner cautiously and try to keep it down
And hope for something yummy when they bring dessert around
Dessert is an enigma, too, a sort of greenish-brown
The Mystery Meals are here  (sing chorus)

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