Friday, July 8, 2011

Mega Blog! Watch Out!

As promised last week, here are TWO SEPARATE BLOGS to take the place of last week’s missing blog and this week’s regular one. Enjoy!
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1. Write a haiku about the last meal you ate: (2 verses!)

hot dogs and beans. yum!
franks sacrificed on the grill,
buns to follow next

second course: beans! oooh!
They kept those “home fires” burnin’

2. Name 5 things in your freezer:
ice cream, ice cubes, fish, vegetables, sausage patties

3. Are you looking forward to the next holiday? Why or why not:
When I originally planned this posting, the holiday coming up was July 4th, but that has come and gone. The next holiday is Labor Day, and yes, I am looking forward to it. That’s when Sarah plans on coming up again. And of course, where Sarah is, Lia is as well. Not that I wouldn’t be more than happy to see Sarah by herself, it’s just that Lia is an added “bonus” so to speak. And speak she does! Volumes! At high decibel! Sarah was a VERY quiet child…don’t know where Lia gets it…

4. What would you be doing at this exact moment if the internet had never been invented?
Probably reading. That has been the biggest change in my life, due to the computer. And I do mourn that loss to a certain extent, but I have found such joy in just puttering around the ‘net! AND IT’S NOT JUST RAVENWOOD!!

5. Describe your “happy place”:
I don’t often go to my “happy place” during the day. Just too busy. Used to go there a lot as an unhappy child. Quite often when I lie in bed at night, though, I will check it out. And it was a different place then, but there are certain similarities to the one today. It’s a cabin in the woods up north. Maybe Shasta or Eureka. Lots of pines. Sometimes it’s almost like a tree house, tall and skinny, with the upper floors looking out into the pines on one side and over the mountains on the other. There’s a cold mountain stream or creek running nearby…you can hear it any time of day or night. It’s always sunny, although quite often very cold and breezy. It’s very quiet, except for the creek and the birds. There are decks aplenty to sit and enjoy the sun in the early morning with a hot cup of coffee.

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M – M is for Moggies!

There are several different stories of how the British term moggy/moggie came to refer to a cat. Being an Anglophile, I’ve always loved the term. It sounds cuddly. I even wrote a poem about them for the altered book I did for my niece many years ago:

Love them Moggies
Love them so
Always know just where to go
Don’t like dogs and don’t like snow
Lovely little Moggies

Friendly Moggies
Purr so sweet
Wash their little hands and feet
With rough tongues (they’re very neat)
Lovely little Moggies

I love Moggies!
Every day
Love to watch them run and play
In my bed at night they’ll lay
Lovely little Moggies

N – N is for Narcissis

This is the official flower for December, (my BD is Dec. 11, for anyone who wants to send a card, BTW). I’ve always loved them for their wonderful scent, which lasts even when they’re past their prime. Pretty flower, lovely scent, a couple vases of them in your home and you’ve got something special!

So there ya go, Gladys…forgive me? I’ll probably do this again at the end of the month when I’m spending another week at Sarah’s.

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